Sculptor Installation Instructions (v3.8 or higher)

The Sculptor Installer install the three tools provided by Optimal Solutions Software; Sculptor, SculptorHL, and Sculptor Scripter. In the instructions below, # represents the Sculptor version number that is being installed (for example, 3.8).
  1. Download an installer executable from the OSS ftp site or the OSS download web page. Both download options require an activated OSS login.
    1. The Sculptor installer is named for Linux and Sculptor-#-Win64-setup.exe for Windows. This installer can install Sculptor, SculptorHL, and Sculptor Scripter.
    2. The stand-alone installer for SculptorHL is named for Linux and SculptorHL-#-Win64-setup.exe for Windows.
    3. If the Sculptor Installer is used, there is no need to run the SculptorHL Installer. The SculptorHL Installer is include to provide the smallest set of files required to run SculptorHL in a headless environment.
    4. Archive packages are provided as well, named SculptorHL-#-Linux64.tar.gz for Linux and for Windows.
  2. Run the Sculptor Installer with root/admin privileges.
    1. The default location for the Sculptor installation is /opt/Sculptor-# for Linux and C:/Program Files/Sculptor-# for Windows.
    2. On Windows, shortcuts are added to the Start menu.
    3. When the Linux installer is run with root priveleges, symbolic links to the executables are placed in /usr/local/bin. The symbolic links are: sculptor to run Sculptor, sculptorhl to run SculptorHL, and sculptorscripter and scripter to run Sculptor Scripter. These symbolic links are relinked to the executables from the most recent installation.
    4. The installers run in graphical mode by default. To run in text mode, run the installer from the command line with the parameter string "--mode text" (without the quotes).
  3. The final step is to place a copy of your Sculptor license file in the directory with the Sculptor executable (see 2.i. above).
    1. The minimum requirement for this license file is a HOST line, for example
                HOST server 000000000000 5053
      where server is the name of the license server or its IP address, 000000000000 is a dummy place holder for the server's hostid, and 5053 is the port for the main rlm server (5053 is the default port).
    2. No other license configuration is required if the license file is placed with the executable, i.e. setting the optimalsol_LICENSE environment variable is not necessary.