Troubleshooting Installation and Configuration

This page addresses some common issues OSS has observed by customer trying to setup and run Sculptor using an RLM license server. It provides some diagnostic approachs to identify the problem. The intent is not to be a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for RLM. Detailed RLM information is available from Reprise's RLM for License Administrators and Users web site. In many cases, resolution of the issue may involve having your IT or Server Administration support staff configure some aspect of the server. Because of the diversity of machine configurations, OSS Support Staff are unlikely able to provide detail machine configuration instructions (e.g. opening up ports on the server's firewall).
The Reprise License Server Administration web page is an effective method to determine if the RLM License Server has been setup properly. OSS has prepared some instructions on using the Reprise License Server Administration web page. This page includes some diagnostic tips.
The suggestions below assume that the install procedures outlined on the Sculptor Installation Page page have been followed. The following the issues addressed here. The numbers in parenthesis are the error numbers displayed in the error dialog.